Meet Derron

I’m running for State Representative of the 23rd District to empower the voices of my community. Building the coalitions of stakeholders and implementing sustainable solutions are essential to our vitality and future. Our children and elders deserve a government that contributes to their well-being and a representative who will work diligently to manifest progress.

As I growing up on College ave. I witnessed my grandmother raise five children and several grandchildren with very little assistance. She was an extremely hard worker and healthcare provider. Lilly Peters instilled in me the values and work ethic that have long served me throughout my life. I never shied away from hard work and have embraced difficulty in troubling times because I knew the character development involved in the struggle.

My mother raised my brother and I in one of the most crime riddled environments known to all Kansas Citians, the Eastside of Kansas City. We started in Lincoln gardens with prostitution rampant on Troost boulevard. We lived in Hilltop apartments in the time of the crack epidemic and went without lights or food some days because my mother had divorced her abusive husband. I have seen and experienced the struggle up close and personal. I made a vow at a very young age to never engage in violence against women and support my mother in anyway that I can. Till this day I have honored those values and principles. I embody the definition of perseverance. 

I have been working class since my first job at 11 years old. The small businesses in my neighborhood, from mechanic shops to the groceries allowed me to develop and cultivate the necessary skills I would need later in life. But these opportunities have become more constrained in our community, and the lack thereof has placed the next generation at a huge disadvantage. 

Our government in Jefferson and across the State and country have neglected the people for far too long. We continue to see our community burdened by lack of representation and a voice and you need to be heard. 

I want to represent you and bring your voice to Jefferson City. I want to work for you and represent you in our efforts to save the lives of the ones to come and preserve the sacrifices that others have made. We can’t do this with people lukewarm to the struggle. Stand with me and be assured, your voice will be heard and know I am working for you! 

I need your support, I need your prayers, and I need your vote on August 4.

Thank you