Derron on the Issues

Fighting for Working Families

In our city today, too many obstacles still exist that place working families at an disadvantage. Our district lacks the economic opportunities that are abundantly available in other areas. Our families shouldn’t have to struggle with poverty wages and housing policies that enrich slumlords while neighborhoods crumble from lack of reinvestment. 

City government policies work against working families by siphoning income away from paychecks to supplement inefficient governance and blatant negligence. 

The State’s health system must be expanded, to prevent thousands from suffering due to cost they can’t bear. We must increase resources dedicated to mental health, so those who need help can be treated while in crisis, instead of over burdening our police and criminalizing our mentally ill.

Bridging The Digital Divide

The 21st century is moving forward with gigabit speeds directly to homes. But the digital divide still exist, creating even more disparity within our city and district. We must engage the new startups and establish policies that encourage more tech industry jobs to look at our city as the “Silicon Valley of the Plains”. And build the employment capacity that offers our child the creative opportunities of tomorrow. Our efforts can encourage environmentally safe plus
energy efficient housing, that will protect natural habitats and preserve ecosystems. 


Criminal Justice Reform 

Our private prison system in Missouri has fractured families and have disenfranchised thousands of citizens who look to reenter society and contribute in positive ways. After paying their debts from crimes previously committed they find themselves in a permanent underclass excluded from their right to vote, housing and employment opportunities. Efforts on a national level have moved to redress unfair sentencing practices to help correct the overpopulation of our penal system compared with other developed nations. It’s time our corrections policies in Missouri match these efforts