Workforce Development:

In 2013, I was able to organize a group of at-risk inner-city youths with the purpose of developing jobs that could help them expand their capacity to participate in commercial construction projects. Through partnerships and collaborations, we were able to bring them up to speed with the necessary skills that could allow them to thrive in the community. Since our initiative received very little support from the political establishment we could only dream about the potential available.

This has to stop! We need representatives to support organizations and individuals in the community with efforts and legislation that can harness and enhance the efforts others have contributed to bridging the skills gap here in Kansas City. As a Union employee for UAW Local 249, I am proud to say that I was able to feed my family with a high-quality employment afforded to me by the presence of the Ford Claycomo manufacturing facility. We should be doing more to bring more manufacturing to Missouri with 21st century environment sustainability production amongst other facilities.

As your representative, I will work to develop legislation and initiatives that will reduce the barriers in establishing jobs of the future our community deserves. I won’t focus on corporate and developer handouts that handicap our economy and stifle progress. Every working-class family deserves dignity in their employment.

Public Safety:

My childhood wasn’t by any means perfect. As a youth, I had the unfortunate experience of being confined to Northwest Regional Youth center. I have direct experience with leading struggling young men out of destitute situations that many lack the ability to reach and cast them aside.

As a legislature, I will create laws that will help these young men and women when they find themselves in the criminal justice system and are at the precipice jettisoning a viable future. We need laws that will support them in this stage, not disregard them.

Many of these young men and women come from broken homes and were afforded very little in family support. This is where our community village needs to be strong. If it wasn’t for people like Orville Smith, Gregory Miller and Grace Verner intervening in my life my existence on this planet would have long been extinguished.

Medicaid Expansion:

Our state is allowing people to die because of lack of access to affordable health coverage. Healthcare is a right and it’s time for Missouri to expand Medicaid as recommended by the Federal government. Medicare and Medicaid are programs that help our most vulnerable, our elders and the most impoverished. The late great Rev. Hartsfield, Minister Ester Holzendorf and other clergy were arrested and jailed from their efforts in Medicaid expansion. As your representative I will enhance their efforts. I will work across the State of Missouri to build the coalitions necessary to ensure the laws are passed for Medicaid expansion.