Putting People Over Politics

Dear Friends,

We as a community must make some decisive decisions today. Are we willing to accept continued stagnation of working class families or do we stand and demand for progressive policies and economic agendas that make sense for our city? Do we pursue business development that incorporates the brightest of our communities with the technology of tomorrow ?

We must stand united against a corrupt political machine that has little regard for honesty and truth for the betterment of our citizens, from the young to our seniors. We must stand aside our immigrant communities and seek justice for those treated as second class citizens. It's time to address the institutional racism that has divided us and fractured our families.

We must realize the cultural legacy of our city that spans across ethnic bounds and the timeless traditions established by those of our arts community by championing their struggle for fair wages, healthcare and housing.

Let’s Stand together, and fight for a future our children
Can be proud of.

Derron Black
Candidate for MO State Legislature District 23

The Tolerance of Inequality 

When the lives and hopes of people are shattered, they tend to accept a defeatist attitude. Their spirit tends to be crushed and incapable of logically seeing through the circumstances; they become locked into a perpetual cycle of depravity in which darkness becomes the norm. But through these situations we find our character and strength when we connect back to the source of our true being. If we allow for our spirits to accept things as they are, we will never recognize the significance of redemption.

It’s time we stop acting like things are so ok, while kicking our feet up to relax, and putting our activism on the shelf to switch on our consciousness autopilot. We still have mass incarceration issues to deal with. The economics of our communities get worse by the moment, not better. We still have thousands of people who will die because they have no access to healthcare. True, some things are not constitutional rights, but we had to fight to get the constitution to reflect human rights. It didn’t drop out of the sky; a Great War was fought to ensure equal rights for my ancestors. I’m proud of the legacy of John Brown. He was a white man, totally unwilling to tolerate the inequality of slavery. But it appears now that we lack the compassion and dedication that’s needed to forge a new political reality. It appears that we are comfortable with indifference. This may be ok for some, but the masses are fed up.

It’s a new day! We don’t have to tolerate inequalities anymore. It’s our right to stand and demand justice, equality and recognition for our work.

Ask yourself….

Will you stand for what is right ?

Will you support the fight for our future ?

Will you stand by and allow your children’s future to be placed in the hands of people who only want praise and celebrity?

We have champions and we have posers.

Which ones are you willing to support ?

Conscious of Soul

While sitting in service I realized something that I’ve been struggling with for some time. I realized that in the fight to keep our families strong and the need to stand up and speak out against the inequalities of our society, the consciousness of our soul is the redemption that will save our communities.  We have to understand that the conscious spirit is the unifying force that has the capacity to reinvigorate our community and lives.

The society we see today is in a spiritual crisis. It’s the reason why Bernie Sanders has shunned traditional party lines and has spoken truthfully and honestly about inequities that prevail in our society. Your spirit has to be consciously awaken to connect to the lives of those who are suffering because our government fails to reconizge their condition, and correct the planned circumstances that have caused most of their struggles. It’s not the fast food workers fault, that our economy has shifted well paying manufacturing jobs overseas and her college degree, does very little good since the expertise she studied for has been outsourced, and it makes better economic sense to the CEO’s to take their business abroad. She is forced to deal with the mounted debt she has accumulated to justify a better career and life for her family. It’s not the auto workers fault, that trade policies have allowed borders to be elimanted and state legislatures have passed laws to weaken his bargaining position which depresses his wages and moves his family out of the middle class life style they have grown accustom too. It’s not the child’s fault, his school district suffers from negligence and corrupt administrators who lack the compassion to provide the education your child needs.

Enough is enough, which has been the rallying cry for the progessives who insist working class families share in the prosperity of the economy. We have had enough of political systems that punish the impoverished and rewards the billionaires who create very little in economic value through speculative trading. We have had enough of business as usual, when your elected officials turn a blind eye to those who need justice and reward police officers with paid leave after they slaughter a our brothers and sisters in the streets.

We can’t afford not to be concerned.

We can’t afford not to stand and be heard.

We can’t afford complacency and defeatism.

Open your heart, your mind,and your conscious soul. 

Let us Join together for a better tomorrow. 

Let’s stand stand strong with our brothers and sister disenfranchised by a racist justice systems that perpetuate  “THE NEW JIM CROW”.

Please Contribute to our Campaign for the people. Let’s put people over politics.

–Derron Black 

Stand Together 

img_0285.jpgThe heart is considered the most critical organ within the body. When it’s bad the whole system is bad. The heart of our community has been in crisis for quite sometime. The statistics can’t quantify the anguish seen and felt by many in our lives. We can relish in our achievements and consider the mission to be complete and the goal achieved, but we would fail so many if we choose to do so.

The many who have suffered generational poverty. The many who have committed their lives to protecting the rights of working class families and given us the opportunities to bargain for our wages and access to health care. The many who have died snatching away the cloak of corrupt political systems. We owe it to them to sustain this fight.

  • We need leaders who are committed to progress for the people.
  • Who are dedicated and sincere to keeping working families strong.
  • Who are not afraid to  Stand for $15 Minimum wage.
  • Some one who understands the travesty of the criminal justice system, and has the fortitude to correct the problems.

These issues do not correct themselves, we have to have people engaged in the mission. The time is NOW!

Let’s Stand Together for a Future We All Can Believe In.